Sweet Sardinia: the original recipe for Seadas or Sebadas

Seadas o Sebadas


Rich, intense, strong. Sardinian cooking reflects the characteristics of its territory, being an island hard to access and explore, unlikely to disclose fully. Sardinian recipes originate from the combination of several ingredients, such as agricultural production, pastoral culture, the wide variety of Mediterranean herbs, the sea moods
However, in this blogpost we focus on traditional Sardinian deserts, whose recipes have roots in the rural tradition and used to be associated to religious events and important festivals. Among the best Sardinian deserts, one of the most popular is certainly the so-called Seadas or Sebadas, originally from Barbagia but widely known all around the island. 
You have to know that long time ago Seadas were considered more like a second plait, and it took a while before it turned into a desert, being served under a soft and sweet voile of honey or sugar. If you want to make something different today at home, here is the ancient, original Sardinian recipe for Seadas. Just keep on track, step by step...





  • 1kg of fresh pecorino cheese
  • 2 oranges' grated skin;
  • ½ kg wheat;
  • 3 full eggs;
  • some spoon of fresh lard (strutto)
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • honey
  • fresh lemon juice





  • The Seadas' pastry is obtained through an intense handmade process of mixing the wheat with the eggs, while adding the lard (strutto) slowly. Once the pastry is soft enough, it has to be stretched down in order to shape small rods of about 12cm diameter. 
  • The filling originates from the grated cheese together with the oranges' skins. After obtaining a quality stuffing, you will split it in half of the rods (about 2 spoons for each rod), while using the remaining rods as a cover. Watch out: each couple of rods has to correspond perfectly in order to give proper shape to the Seadas. 
  • At this point, Seadas are ready to be cooked. This happens into a frying pans filled with hot olive oil. After some minutes of immersion, they are ready to be served on a plait, under a delicious layer of honey or sugar. 



[Photocredit: Dario Sequi]






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Sweet Sardinia: the original recipe for Seadas or Sebadas
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