Discover cultural Sardinia: the top ten museums

The best museum in Sardinia
Sardinia is widely known mostly for its gorgeous beaches, for Mediterranean flavors and recipes, convivial atmosphere and breath-taking sunset on the sea. However, all these things don’t exhaust the fascination of an Island that holds a strong cultural heritage made up of ancient traditions, old manual skills, extraordinary arts and cultural diversity.
In fact, these elements add very good reasons for visitors to get to the Island throughout the whole year. Accordingly, we decided to provide you with a list of museum and cultural spaces, ranging from those most conventional, to other smaller and slightly low profile, but anyway likely to surprise you with unpredictable revelations… Have a good journey!
Located in the heart of Cagliari, this museum offers throughout Sardinian history from 6000. B.C. until Byzantine time (VIII A.C.)
An open-air gallery dedicated to contemporary arts replaces a former military station dating back to the Second World War.  Between fascination and mistery, the MACC overlooks the sea. 
A sort of an “ongoing museum” where modern and contemporary arts get explored through a wide range of medium and visual perspectives, where tradition meets with innovation, research with memory, international visions with local identity.
In the heart of the small village of Orani, Nivola Museum hosts over a hundread artpieces of the painter, who is the major artist of the 900’ in Sardinia, as well as an influential figure at the international level.  
History, culture and tradition in the land of Gallura, beautiful corner of Northern Sardinia. Rooms, objects, habits of ancient lifestyle, in between courage and violence. 
Located in the inner region of Barbagia, mysterious heart of Sardinia, the Museum takes shape from the former house of Grazia Deledda, 1926 Nobel  prize for Literature, who is widely recognized for disclosing hidden Sardinia to the world through her writing. 
In a 3 building compound overlooking the hills, where the former train station used to be, the Museum hosts the memories of one of the biggest contemporary artists in Sardinia and in Italy: Maria Lai, queen of today’s design.
This is the right place if you are curious about one of the most influential figure in history, Giuseppe Garibaldi. His life, familiar spaces, furniture, in one word, his own world.
Renown center for handmade weaving in Sardinia, Samugheo hosts beautiful collections of texile products forgot and found the oldest houses of the town. 
Only few people know the history behind Sardinian Castles. You have to know that there are over a hundred Castles spread around Sardinian land, floating between wild vegetation, suggestive cliffs and magic legends.
[Photocredit: Nicola Perantoni]







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Discover cultural Sardinia: the top ten museums
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