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What to see: Part of the Carbonia-Iglesias province, in the so-called Sulcis archipelagos, Calasetta is a small sea village made up of small white houses overlooking the open sea. In summer, locals co-habit with many tourists and international visitors attracted by the seaside and the quiet, sunny atmosphere of the place. 
What to hear: The characteristic dialect spoken by locals, similar to the one of Liguria. Accordingly, this dialect originates from the contaminations perpetrated by Liguarian fishers arrived in this coast from North Africa seeking for corals. 
What to smell: The sea breeze in the Spiaggia di Sottotorre, a sandy beach framed by rocky walls and wild vegetation, with crystal-clear water. Within a walk distance from Calasetta's centre, Spiagga di Sottotorre provides a wide variety of services, including bars, umbrellas to rent, beach-games. 
What to taste: The freshly fished local fish, wisely cocked according to traditional recipes by renown Chef Achille Pinna. His restaurant is located few kilometres far from Calasetta, in the close town of Sant'Antioco. It is highly recommended to make reservations in advance. 
What to Touch: The texture of the Bisso, an ancient fiber produced by a mollusk inhabiting the mediterranean seabeds. A gestual, exoteric hard passed on from 7000 years by word of mouth, whereof only one Master remains today: her name is Chiara Vigo, keeper of secrets and enchanting rituals.


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