Sardinia in 5 books: what to read before your trip


Did you plan your trip in Sardinia and are you waiting for the start? This blogpost is to help Sardinia Lovers prepare themselves through 5 suggested readings that are likely to inspire travelers choose specific itineraries and unconventional pathways. Snaking between contemporary and past authors, we shortlisted a couple of books to enrich your Sardinian tour. Have a good read! 


Marcello Fois, In Sardegna non c’รจ il mare

Under the spotlight is the land of Barbagia in winter. Protected by the mountains, Barbagia is a cold, silent, and isolated region compared to the colorful life shaking the coast. A world apart from the postcard-landscape that attract mass tourism in high seasons. A trip throughout this region becomes a fascinating and romantic experience likely to reveal the heart of the island through non-conventional itineraries.

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Michela Murgia, Accabadora

Widely known in the Sardinian tradition as “The lady who gives death”, the so-called Accabadora is appointed by the local community to apply an ancient form of euthanasia to the old and the infirm. This mysterious lady, who acts in the darkness of the night with the head covered by a black voile, knows the secrets and practices to stop sufferings and push the destiny forward. 

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Flavio Soriga, Nuraghe Beach

The club based in the small village of Samassi where Madonna performed; the old station of Chilivani, taking name from to the Indian princess that stole the heart of the railway’s constructor; the little bars in the historical districts in town; the silence in the rural churches; the beautiful Argentiera; the military bases; the Jazz Fest in Berchidda, the wine and recipes to taste in minor villages. Nuraghe Beach tells about a trip to discover the small centers of the Island: those you won’t know otherwise. 

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Sergio Atzeni, Passavamo sulla terra leggeri

Writer Sergio Atzeni takes readers back in time: the scenario is Sardinia from the deepest origins until 1400. Antonio Setzu, key-character, is the only one holding facts and happenings behind the history of Sardinia, and is the man appointed pass on this knowledge to successors in order to preserve it. The book represents undoubtedly one of the most-appreciated books Sardinian literature has known, with a balanced mixture of myth, reality and magics.

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Grazia Deledda, Canne al vento

A small village overlooking the bank of Cedrino river, back in the early 1900. This is the scenario where the notorious Pintor family, whose characters, relations, emotions, and sufferings are elegantly told by writer Grazia Deledda in 1912. Awarded with the Nobel literature prize in 1926, Grazia Deledda describes the fragile life of human beings in comparison with canes flexed by the blowing wind. 

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Sardinia in 5 books: what to read before your trip
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